Virtual Doula Care

As a doula, I am happy to say that offer virtual support as well as in-person labor support or a combination of the two.

Services provided virtually are similar in numerous ways: I can help educate, listen, connect you to resources, help you craft a “birth plan,” help you know how to advocate for yourselves, and demonstrate comfort measures.

During the birth itself, you can expect that I will be virtually present and provide encouragement, give ideas for positions, help the support person have confidence to advocate, answer questions, think of questions you can ask, take notes, encourage, help you know your rights and options, and connect you to additional resources at the time you need them. I will empower you and help you feel confident to make the decisions right for you and your baby.

Virtual care or care over the phone continues into the postpartum period as you get to know your baby and settle into becoming a family. Much can be troubleshooted or processed without in-person contact.

Virtual doula support is good option when in-person support isn’t feasible due to hospital policy, limited access to doulas in rural areas, or illness. Doulas can still emotionally connect with families, help coach through pregnancy and birth, bring a sense of calm, provide resources, and attune to the needs of each individual family. Payment for virtual care is tailored to each individual family’s situation. Contact me with other questions!

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Laura for her calming presence, her ability to be there when we needed her and her ability to know when to step back when we didn’t, and also for the way she knows how to make people feel supported and championed as they walk through this amazing experience.” 

{Ryan and Brenna S.}