Beliefs & Values

{I believe…}

Families need resources, support, and to be connected to others as they experience pregnancy and birth.  Families are more likely to thrive when they gain knowledge and receive encouragement in this journey.

There is parental wisdom and intuition that should be listened to and followed whenever possible through pregnancy and birth.  Medical interventions do indeed have a place in birth; and there are other options for care, comfort, and pain management that can often be tried first.

A doula’s presence, experience, and care increases the chances of positive birth outcomes for parents and their babies.  Doulas are there to serve the good of the whole family.  Doulas should make every effort to make sure that the family feels safe, heard, and personally cared for.

A doula should maintain a calm, encouraging presence during labor and delivery.  Sometimes a doula may need to be more verbal with encouragement or clear coaching than at other times.  Doulas work to discern the needs of each situation.

Families’ experiences with pregnancy and birth are varied. Yet, there are common threads that unite all families; one being a desire to love our children well.  We need to honor and give dignity to how each family experiences the welcoming of their new life into their family in an effort to build strong families.

{I value…}

Communication ~ Let’s talk about your hopes, values, and what may happen if things don’t go as planned. Let’s figure out what is important to you prior to birth and what comfort measures are working for you during birth.  Let’s also process what might serve you postpartum.   Get to know me too so that you feel more comfortable having me as a support to your birth.  Let’s be in touch as much as is helpful before the birth.  I strive to listen well.

Connection ~ This means that I value connecting to the families I provide care for.  I want us to enjoy being with each other and that our relationship feels like a “fit.”

Growth ~ I learned early on that parenting my children would require me to flex and grow…starting before they were even born.  As a doula, I am always seeking to grow and learn.

“Laura is there in the trenches with you. She also engaged my husband really well. She didn’t replace him, she helped him. I’m so grateful for her experience and presence in our birth and don’t regret a single cent that so chose to put towards this support!”

{Megan K.}