Welcome! If you find yourself searching for a doula, it is likely you are expecting a new life to enter your family in the near future! It truly is a unique, life-changing time, isn’t it? Pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of a newborn’s life are truly some of the most vivid memories we carry. We will tell these stories for the rest of our lives; how we experience them matters.

This is where a doula comes in. A doula can enhance the experience of pregnancy and birth by providing care that helps a family through the joys and sometimes trials that may occur. A doula gives support, provides education, offers experience, and helps to normalize many of the aspects of pregnancy and birth. A doula answers questions, connects you to resources, listens to your process, and helps you consider what values are important to you. When it comes to the birth itself, a doula continuously stays with a laboring woman and her partner to give reassurance, coach through comfort measures, and provide hands on help to the laboring woman. A doula is not a medical professional but is connected to a laboring mama, her partner, and the birth plan as an advocate and vital support.

A doula can benefit your family no matter what your situation and goals are: whether you are a first-time parent, expecting a planned cesarean birth, a single-mom, having a homebirth, and laboring with or without pain medication.  You are creating new life and deserve to be well cared for as you walk this sacred journey.

As a doula, I care about the outcomes that are important to my pregnant moms and their partners.  I am ready to help provide resources if needed and respect decisions that are made by expectant parents.  I make every effort to make sure the laboring mom feels safe, heard, and continually cared for during labor.  I remain calm, encouraging, and engaged.

Look around the rest of the site to find out more about me and the services I offer.  Contact me with questions or if you are looking for doula care.